Research software

Finding the most helpful software for research in social sciences and economics is a critical element, as digital instruments are needed for various purposes: qualitative and quantitative analysis, text annotation, text transcription, text mining, or online experiments. To support the documentation process of researchers in social sciences and economics on appropriate software options, we have listed below some of the most used digital instruments.

Text annotation software:

  • Tag Works. More info here.

Bibliometric software:

  • VOSviewer. More info here.

Text transcription software:

  • More info here.
  • Vocalmatic. More info here.

Online experiments software:

  • Gorilla Experiment Builder. More info here.
  • Inquisit Web. More info here.

Collecting social network data:

  • Network Canvas. More info here.

  • Qualitative analysis software

    Quantitative analysis software:

    AI for academic and technical writing:

    • Trinka. More info here. Limited free trial here (only for registered E-nformation users).

    Discover more on the challenges of working with big data in Social Sciences in the 2016 SAGE white paper available here.